July 5, 2019

Real Estate

No, it’s not just you, New Yorkers and San Franciscans: Urban housing markets all over the world have grown way too expensive

No, it’s not just you, New Yorkers and San Franciscans: Urban housing markets all over the world have grown way too expensive

Consider a modern city, loved by tourists and home to a thriving economy and a lot of industry. Your property market is starting to feel a bit tense. As one academic who grew there said, “the prices here began to take off and in a few years they grew at an annual rate of more than 15{dd299c883823a46beb0705d70a03c819bede140f906792bc593d52b8d4c5e8ee}”, after the housing crisis came to an end.

It’s not just about San Francisco, New York or Austin. It is same with cities as well.

“The sharp price increases are making the affordability of urban housing a pressing problem around the world. For central bankers, who are primarily responsible for financial stability, affordability is not always the most important concern. However, extreme examples show that this can become a problem for broader economic well-being.” This was noted by Knot.
Knot and many other authors said that cities are becoming more popular with has lead to demand for urban houses.

In a 2017 story, Market Watch quoted an economist who commented that the 15 largest metropolitan areas in the US UU They represent more than half of the national GDP.

This activity, not only jobs and education, but also what researchers place under the umbrella of “cultural events, creativity, recreational opportunities and, of course, the presence of other people”, attracts people, which reinforces the appeal for people with similar backgrounds. (By the way, it’s not just about well-educated, mobile young people; it’s also about recent immigrants.) By 2100, scholars estimate that 80{dd299c883823a46beb0705d70a03c819bede140f906792bc593d52b8d4c5e8ee} to 90{dd299c883823a46beb0705d70a03c819bede140f906792bc593d52b8d4c5e8ee} of the population will live in cities.

In Australia, for example, households are increasingly leveraged, even as investors are increasingly accumulating in the market.

This is because much of the housing problem is, as noted, local and because it is rooted in the low supply. Central bankers cannot do much about local zoning laws or residential developers who want broader margins; they can only help increase or decrease the demand, either through loan rules or interest rates.

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Business & Trade

Apple is reportedly giving up on its controversial MacBook keyboard

Apple is reportedly giving up on its controversial MacBook keyboard

Univision confirmed on Thursday that it is “reviewing strategic options” and has hired external consultants after The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that the company was weighing options, including a possible sale.

The process has just begun, one person told WSJ, who asked not to be identified because the deliberations are private.

The company, which is based in the United States, hired Morgan Stanley and investment bank LionTree to explore options, the paper said, citing people close to the matter.

The company has failed in its previous efforts to organize a sale and scrapped plans for an initial public offering in March 2018.

Univision had been purchased by a group of acquisitions firms, including Madison Dearborn Partners, Saban Capital, Providence Equity Partners, TPG Capital and Thomas H. Lee Partners for $ 12.3 billion in 2007.

The firm registered a Public Offering of shares (IPO) in 2015, but the appetite of investors for indebted companies such as Univision was reduced and the plans were filed.

Univision underwent a restructuring in which 200 employees were laid off, and the US publisher of Internet publications Gawker Media LLC for 135 million dollars.

The chain did not want to comment on the report. Morgan Stanley and LionTree did not respond immediately to a request from Reuters to discuss the matter .

The chain has had financial problems since an acquisition of a majority shareholding leveraged in 2007. The company reported that it ended 2018 with 7,400 million dollars in debt.

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Law & Order

House Democrats call for revival of meat labeling law

House Democrats call for revival of meat labeling law

Lawmakers have called again for the meat labelling law which is to be added to the proposed trade design. The trade pact design as to replace the agreement, called North American Free Trade Agreement in 1994.

COOL which the country of origin labelling requirement has been called as to show the details on the label about animal. Details should be about were an animal born, raised and slaughtered.

On the other hand Mexico and Canada have taken the case about law to the World Trade Organization. They stated that meatpackers are not buying their livestock.

Lawmakers of both parties got repeal language into the fiscal 2016 omnibus spending package.

Lawmakers also want the provisions that establish a 10-year monopoly on the price of biological drugs to be eliminated and allow the use of private arbitration panels by US oil and gas companies in disputes with Mexico.

The letter says that final package of NAFTA must restore the COOL labelling.

“While Canada respects that buyers should be able to make informed decisions about the food they buy, mandatory COOL measures would place an undue burden on Canadian and US livestock supply chains, harming producers on both sides of the border” embassy in Washington .

In 2015, the WTO granted Canada the power to impose up to $ 781 million in tariffs at the exchange rate at that time.

The WTO said the labeling requirement led potential US buyers of Canadian or Mexican cattle and pigs to offer lower prices or opt for US animals to avoid additional costs. After the final decision of the WTO, Congress finalized mandatory labelling for certain cuts of beef and pork, as well as ground beef and ground pork.

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With All Eyes on the Bitcoin Price, another Crypto Is Up Over 800% This Year

With All Eyes on the Bitcoin Price, another Crypto Is Up Over 800{dd299c883823a46beb0705d70a03c819bede140f906792bc593d52b8d4c5e8ee} This Year

The price of bitcoin has tripled approximately since the beginning of the year, and most people have associated price movements with advertising about the next Libra cryptocurrency on Facebook, although Libra is very different from Bitcoin.

While Bitcoin has been in a tear this year, almost all major altcoins have not been able to keep up with the world’s first, largest and most popular cryptocurrency. In fact, Bitcoin SV (BSV) and Chainlink (LINK) are the only two alternative chips to face Bitcoin in the last three months, according to Longhash.

BSV is backed mainly by a personality cult of someone who has claimed to be the creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto, but has never been able to prove it. In fact, many in the space of cryptography have referred to him as a complete scammer or swindler.

On the other hand, LINK is the token associated with a project that attempts to solve Ethereum’s oracle problem. LINK would not have been considered an important encryption asset at the beginning of the year, but the token has risen 839% against the US dollar so far, according to OpenMarketCap.


Oracle’s problem is basically that intelligent hiring platforms like Ethereum have no knowledge of real-world data.

Chainlink’s solution to the Oracle problem involves the use of a decentralized network of oracles to reduce the risks associated with trust in a single third party.

It is possible that something like Augur or Bitcoin Hivemind is necessary to provide a sufficiently decentralized network of oracles.


The LINK token is used in the Chainlink network for activities such as paying for the data and putting in additional material. This economic model attempts to create the right incentives for the value of LINK to increase as more entities enter the network to provide Oracle services.

While this model seems to make sense at first glance, it is not clear if the additional LINK tab is necessary.

While LINK has been the cryptographic asset market favorite in 2019, it is important to remember that these types of currencies can fall as fast as they rise, especially when they rise as fast as LINK this year.
LINK price speculation existed months before the main Chainlink subreddit was created, which means that the effects of the network are probably also at stake there.

Buying this coin today may not be very different from playing slots in a casino. Anyone who decides to speculate about LINK should only do so with money that they can afford to lose.

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