6 Things every novice trader in Hong Kong should know

The trading world can be very intimidating for novice traders who are just starting their careers. There are many rules to learn, markets to watch, and specific strategies that need to be mastered. This can leave even the most passionate individual confused about where they should start to become successful.

For this reason, we created a list of 6 things every novice Hong Kong trader should know so you can get started on improving your money-making abilities in the financial industry.

1. Always Have an Exit Plan

One of the biggest mistakes new traders make is acting impulsively when closing out trades. With the adrenaline pumping through their bodies, novice traders will enter into risky or unprofitable trades, then will not have an exit strategy when things go sour.

This is the worst thing that you can do as a trader. Remember how much money you are willing to lose on each trade and never exceed this amount. When trading with overconfidence, your losses will outnumber your wins more times than they should. Make sure always to have an exit plan for every one of your trades!

2. Accept Rejection As Part Of The Process

Start by trading small and gradually increasing the size of your investments as you learn more about the market and become more comfortable taking risks with your capital. You need to be aware that it may take some time before you begin seeing profits. While this can feel frustrating, you just need to know that it is part of the process.

3. Use Trading Indicators For Support And Resistance

One of the most important concepts that a novice trader should learn is interpreting various trading indicators. Trading indicators can help you identify both support and resistance in your market; knowing where these points are located will allow you to make much more informed trading decisions in the future. If you want to become a better trader, you need to learn to use specific charting methods, such as Fibonacci retracements, to analyse different markets.

4. Learn To Watch And Read Markets When They Are Closed For The Day

Many novice traders focus on the major exchanges: the NYSE and NASDAQ for stocks and the CBOE and NQ for futures and options. While new traders must know how these markets operate, we suggest learning about other exchanges around the world so that you can be more successful.

 Learning everything you can about the HKFE and SGX for commodities, forex options on the SESC, and futures contracts on the DCE will provide you with a good foundation of knowledge that can help you immensely in your professional career.

5. Watch How The “Pros” Trade Before Roulette Wheel Systems Start To Make Sense

Avoid all systems and strategies that involve roulette wheels or spinning objects; these are designed for small-time traders who do not know how to use proper money management techniques. Remember: if you cannot control yourself during times of success, no matter how complex or revolutionary, no system will ever work for you.

6. The Market Is Always Right, And You Won’t Win Every Time

No matter how much time and money you invest into your trading career, you will lose money at one point or another. It is inevitable. Losing builds part of a person’s character, and gaining strengthens that same character. By maintaining a positive attitude towards success and failure, you can turn every bad situation into a good one because that is what the market will reward you for.

Final Word

Trading can be exciting and rewarding, but it can also be very stressful and confusing if the person involved does not know what they are doing. To become a successful day-trader, one must learn to make the market work for them. We recommend that you use a reputable online broker from Saxo Bank to help you get started with a demo account. For more details, check out the Saxo Bank website and start your trading journey today.

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Factors to be considered when selecting Forex brokers

Forex trading is simply the process of changing one currency into another and it is mainly done for trading purposes. Many people nowadays have indulged in this kind of trading. Forex brokers are very much influential to new traders because they give them an array of information that can be quite helpful as they get along.

Some vital information can be on how to open an account, how to trade and get shares, and so on, and this information should guide them to make informed decisions. To own a Forex account is quite similar to having an offshore bank account and so we have steps that you need to flow for u to achieve your goal.

Forex traders with a zar accounts can help you complete the process faster. Not all Forex traders are genuine and trustworthy, some may give you wrong information and so this blog will help you see factors you need to consider when selecting a Forex broker.

Trading cost

A good broker should know the trade level and tell you the maximum number of trades that you can trade for a particular day. If a broker tells you this information you can be in a better position to set a maximum limit of how much to spend for the entire day.

Note that note all brokers will genuinely tell you this, some will demand payment when they give you trading advice while some will do it freely. Also know that the more you trade, the higher chances of making profits you get.


You don’t just invest your money blindly with any broker. Make sure your broker has fulfilled obligatory regulations and requirements. He should be honest and trusted. He should be efficiently capitalized in cases of loss.

Getting a qualified and satisfactory Forex broker is very crucial and needs to be given a lot of consideration. Some regulatory agencies you can think of seeking more information regarding Forex brokers are; CFTC in the US, FCA in UK, and AMF in Canada. This will help you get a competent and qualified broker to deal with.

Data security

Make sure your broker is reliable and robust data security, this is crucial because at the time of creating and registering for the account you gave personal details of passport information, credit card, banks, and so on.

Internet connections with the broker should be well secured if not, then your data will be hacked by malicious internet users and they might get access to your account and withdraw all your investments.

Your brokers need to create a unique code and install a two-factor authentication program to secure your personal information.

Forex trading is widely used today and some information is updated regularly, new users may not be in a better position to keep up with the pace and that’s why it’s wise to get a Forex trader broker to help you get along. Factors to consider for Forex traders have been discussed in this blog so that you can make informed decisions at all times.

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Learning What Cryptocurrency Is and How to Use it

The digital world is vast and full of information. We just have to find out how to use it to our advantage. You can access your favorite movies through the internet, play your favorite video games with friends from another country, and pay through online bank transfers and receiving your order at your doorstep – all without leaving your home! That’s how unique and essential the digital world is to us today. Without it, we would all probably have a hard time because we are now used to being an efficient part of our lives.

Another thing that will make our life easier and more efficient is Cryptocurrency. Even though it only has been around for at least ten years, it has contributed to our society and helped many people in many ways. It’s the newest financial medium, which is safe and secure. You won’t have to worry about banks anymore because any monetary authority or banks don’t govern Cryptocurrency. If you want to try Cryptocurrency, you must learn more about it first because it’s highly complex, and it takes a professional to understand the ins and outs fully. You can find the Latest Cryptocurrency News at The Currency Analytics.

The Uses of Cryptocurrency in Today’s World

Cryptocurrencies are a financial blockchain that’s decentralized and are mainly used to pay for services and purchase goods and products. If you plan to send a large sum of money to another recipient, you don’t need to go through the bank anymore. As long as you have a Crypto account, you can convert your cash into Cryptocurrency and send money without being questioned. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the expensive transaction fees, which are usually high. With Crypto, you can save money and send it without unnecessary processes involved.

Another use of Cryptocurrency is that it’s another form of alternative investment. Because Crypto values fluctuate, you need to have extensive knowledge and skills about the Crypto market to know when to trade, buy, and sell. There’s a big chance that you will get to profit through Crypto, but you will lose a lot too if you can’t make the right decision on time. You have to watch the market and know the latest news all the time so you can take necessary actions before you lose it all. But overall, many individuals can point out that investing in Cryptocurrency is a good choice. As long as you know everything about it, you’re safe.

 Another benefit of using Cryptocurrency is that you won’t experience getting your accounts frozen. There are cases where you get into a big problem with the authorities, and they will ask your bank to freeze your accounts. You will have little to no cash left. But Cryptocurrencies act as a censorship-resistant alternative store of wealth, which only you have access to. That’s why authorities can never freeze any personal Crypto wallet. You can get all your money converted into Crypto if you think you are in deep hot water with the authorities or any governing body to protect your wealth.

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What is IDV and NCB in Two-Wheeler Insurance?

Two-wheeler insurance works as a protection for your bike. It is an optimal way of protecting your bike against the damage that occurs because of an unfortunate incident. Apart from repairing costs, the policy can also provide you with protection against any third-party liabilities which arise due to injuries caused by your bike to other vehicles or persons. You will have to make premium payments to the insurance company for a specific tenure for financial protection. Two important factors that affect the premium you pay towards the bike insurance policy are Insured Declared Value and No Claim Bonus.

Let’s understand them in detail:

What is IDV or Insured Declared Value?

IDV or Insured Declared Value is the highest sum assured that you could get from your bike insurance policy if your two-wheeler is badly damaged or stolen. IDV is the current market value of the bike. If your bike has suffered a total loss, then IDV is the compensation that the company will provide you. The calculation of IDV is done by taking the manufacturer’s selling price and deducting the depreciation cost. The cost of registration and the insurance policy is not included in the calculation of IDV. If you have added certain accessories to your bike separately, then the cost for those will be added to the IDV.

People often opt for a low IDV to get cheap bike insurance in India; however, this could be a drawback when it is time to file a claim for the loss or damage to your bike.

To make the calculation easy for you, a lot of insurance companies provide an IDV calculator online. This calculator is a tool which helps you determine the market value of the car. Some of the factors considered for the IDV calculation are your vehicle’s age and its depreciation. When buying an online two-wheeler policy, the calculator can be of great help for comparing different plans.

With the age of the bike increasing, the IDV of the bike reduces. The formula for calculating the IDV of a two-wheeler is defined below:

Insured Declared Value = (manufacturer’s selling price – depreciation value) + (cost of bike’s accessories which are excluded from selling price – the accessory’s depreciation value).

What is NCB or No Claim Bonus?

A No Claim Bonus is a discount feature on the premium amount that you get from the insurance company. This discount is provided to you if you have not filed for a claim. The No Claim Bonus can be accumulated over the years from the starting date of your policy. You will get to see the discount in effect when you renew your 2 wheeler insurance. The discount range provided through this feature is between 20 – 50%. This feature encourages the policyholders to drive safely. In a way, the insurance company gifts you with a discount as an incentive to drive safely.

The No Claim Bonus works on an annual basis. The discount is applied only on the own damage cover and is not for third-party liability insurance. The discount rate of the No Claim Bonus increases every year you don’t file a claim. But it will turn to zero as soon as a single claim is made, regardless of how many years you restrained yourself from filing a claim.

Consecutive years of not filing a single claim No Claim Bonus % on the OD Premium
1 20%
2 25%
3 35%
4 45%
5 50%
More than 5 years 50%

A major advantage of maintaining the NCB is that it is completely transferable. So, if you switch to a new insurance company, the NCB discount will be transferred with you to your new policy. For instance, if you have earned a discount of 35% and switch insurance companies, then your NCB discount will be transferred to your new insurer. For a transfer like this, you will need to follow specific terms and conditions, such as renewing your insurance policy before its expiry.

Tips to accumulate your No Claim Bonus:

  • If you have a bike insurance policy, you can earn a No Claim Bonus on it by not filing a claim during the policy year. While this does not mean that you always pay for the bike’s damages, you can take care of some minor expenses instead of filing a claim.
  • Being a safe driver on the roads can be beneficial as your bike will always be safe from harm. That way, you won’t have to file a claim during the year.
  • Sometimes, other vehicles can cause damage to your bike, which may be parked on the roadside, as a result of which, you may have to file a claim for the damages. But if you ensure to park your bike only in designated and safe parking zones, then you will be able to keep your bike free from harm and have a claim-free year!


Lastly, the Insured Declared Value and the No Claim Bonus play a vital role in deciding your bike’s insurance premium. While the right IDV will help you cover the cost of a stolen or badly damaged bike, the benefits from the NCB will help you save money on your insurance premiums.

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Preparing a well-balanced ETF trading routine

There is no doubt people face numerous offers as soon as they decide to invest capital in forex. This is the biggest industry in contemporary times, provides countless benefits and traders are at full liberty to manage their funds. Such freedom has made this sector widely popular and people are depositing money like never before. Although recent time has observed a significant rise in numbers, the dangers have not reduced, unfortunately. Scammers are well aware of these facts and smartly devise unique plan to trap clients. You might be smart but considering the overall size of currency trading, traders are bound to fall for.

An effective routine can help to stay off dangers and know when to plan trades. In this article, we are going to explain step by step guidelines for beginners to formulate a schedule that is simple yet productive. Make sure to read every line as skipping might result in an assumption.

First, select the frequency

This is the first and foremost duty of investors to find out the right frequency. Frequency refers to the number of orders placed per month. We are assuming beginners are reading as intermediate people would already have one. Plan for long-term and every strategy should be simple in design. It is better if every part is separately mentioned to find out mistakes later on. At entry levels, 4 trades per month are adequate as it will provide ample opportunity to analyze the trends. Decrease if needed but never exceed the permitted limit. Traders become overconfident and undertake unnecessary risks. Even if the majority win, one mistake is enough to offset the winning.

Overtrading is a very serious problem for the new traders in Singapore. In most cases, they become biased with the concept of leverage and big profit. You have to control the frequency of trade execution at any cost and only then you can expect to become a skilled ETF trader. Visit website here and learn from the elite copy trade service provider. You will notice all of them are focusing on quality rather than quantity.

Secondly, select a strategy and incorporate appropriate tools

This is the hardest part of the ETF trading. Professionals struggle in this stage as people are often at a loss of what to do. The choice made in the second stage will impact the decisions eventually. If wrong, capital will be at stake. While choosing the plan, understand your style. If you are hectic by nature, implementing day trading or scalping would be suitable. Despite posing tremendous risks, using a suitable method helps to establish harmony in performance. If you are not in the list above than a wide range of wonderful techniques awaits. Make sure to identify tools that go best with your formula. Some tools are essential regardless of the methods such as support resistance levels, trend lines, etc. Just because some person is using one tool does not say it is needed. If something seems off, feel free to skip that part. Generating accurate predictions have many ways, try to find yours.

Do not practice yet, consider daily lifestyles?

We presume you are not professional but only part-timer trying to generate an alternative income. Individual lifestyle plays a distinct role as coercing natural routine is counterproductive. Imagine you sleep up to 10 am every Monday. However, if trends show favorable patterns appear more often on Monday morning due to opening after a week then do not mind the market. Never interrupt healthy lifestyles for the sake of money. Cal mindset is a secret strategy for accurate forecasts.

After ticking all the above boxes, you are ready to take the first step in becoming a professional. Do not get carried away as it is only the beginning. The journey will not be smooth as failure is inevitable. Learn to adjust by following the routine, speculate based on experience, and practice new skills to make a profit consistently.

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Choosing the right platform for online trading India

Whether you intend to deal in Forex or trade in stocks, you need to be extremely careful when choosing a platform for online trading in India. The truth is that the trading market is characterized by higher profits and is one of the most profitable markets but it is also associated with ample risks. For a steady flow of returns and income, it is essential that you choose the right platform for trading online.

So, what is that you should be looking for when choosing an online trading platform?

Be it the stock market or the forex trading market, these are some of the essential criteria to look for when selecting a platform for online trading India.

  1. A basic simple platform that has easy to understand and easy to handle features. At least in the beginning, it is advisable not to look for something that is over complicated with additional features. What is important is that the online platform should be robust and steady; safe and secure; credible and trustworthy. Another aspect that you need to keep in mind is the scalability of the platform so that as you grow your trading business in the future, the platform offers you the right scope to address your increasing demands.
  2. For online trading in India, choose a platform that is user friendly. The emphasis should be to make your work easy and seamless rather than obstructive with complex instructions and interfaces. You would need to check their graphics, the display features, how well the platform is able to update you on the latest trends and rates and so on. At the end of the day, the entire functioning should be to facilitate you to earn and maximize your profits. One rule of the thumb that seasoned traders follow is to check the first impression of the platform. If it does not appeal or fails to impress or is too cumbersome and overtly complicated, leave it and look at another online trading platform.
  3. Go in for a platform that offers stable performance. After all, you would not want to miss out on key decision-making points. Having an unstable platform can spell doom for your online trading India It is important to speak to industry experts and your colleagues from the trading industry and understand their recommendations. Stability and security are two of the most critical aspects that need to be thoroughly cross-checked before choosing a platform.
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Find the Right Cover at the Best Price

A Guide to Home and Content Insurance

Your home is undoubtedly your costliest asset and hence is treasured. Any devastation caused due to earthquakes and other natural calamities can shake your house and make it unsuitable to live in. To protect you and your home from such unpredictable circumstances, a home insurance becomes critical.  Home insurance is a unique property insurance that covers your home from dangers like thefts, vandalism, fire, natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, storms and more.

Apart from covering your home structure under Home Insurance policy, companies also offer policies to provide coverage against loss or damage of contents inside your house. This is called Content Insurance that covers your valuable and important belongings like furniture, appliances, gadgets, clothing and more. So, it makes sense to bundle your home insurance policy with content insurance into a combined ‘home and contents insurance policy’.

Check if the Home Insurance Covers Fire Damage

A fire accident in any type of occupancy can cause severe damage to your property. With the extreme bushfire threat set to continue across Australia, homeowners must check if they have adequate insurance to cover them financially in case their home or content gets damaged by fire. Fire insurance is property insurance that covers damage and losses caused by fire. Purchasing fire insurance in addition to home insurance helps to cover the cost of replacement or repair of your home including personal belongings against any loss or damage caused by fire.

Hence, it becomes very important to choose a home insurance policy that offers comprehensive cover against fire and associated perils. The right home and content insurance policy will cover fire damage repair and replacement for the structure, fixtures and fittings, your appliances, furniture and more.

Compare Various Policies and then Choose

Not all insurance companies offer the same benefits; so it is important to know what you are getting before risking your most treasured possessions with a low-cost home and contents insurance policy. Leading insurance companies offer a wide variety of features and benefits under different insurance plans, like extra coverage, additional discounts and more.

You must check and understand the various options available. You must compare policies online on websites like iSelect. You can even speak to their trained consultants. Once you enter the required information, iSelect looks for the best available policies with quotes from their partnered companies. They make the tedious process of choosing the right policy for you easy. Best of all, it is a free service for you and they don’t even add any additional cost to the policies. They directly charge the insurance company you choose.

Accidents can strike anytime – be it natural or man-made. You must not underestimate the loss to property caused in case of an unforeseen accident. While you invest the savings of your life in buying a home, you must understand that your home contents insurance protects against fire. Hence, look for the right insurance policy at iSelect and insure your home.

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Fixed-Rate Mortgage – Know About Its Multiple Aspects with Advantages and Disadvantages

Home loan shopping involves a dizzying group of options. It is preferable to choose a fixed-rate mortgage option that offers an unchanging interest rate for the entire loan term. This means, the homeowner will have to make the same amount of monthly payments until the loan gets paid off. Here, the debate is that the closing cost can turn out to be higher.

Another aspect is that getting a 30-year loan term for fixed-rate mortgage approved is extremely tough. Even with some disadvantages, some buyers prefer to choose a fixed-rate mortgage.

Understand the fixed rate mortgage

To get to know fixed rate mortgages, you will need to be familiar with the duration, interest rate, cost tradeoff, and payment fluctuations.

Confirm the duration

Many people believe that the fixed mortgage rate means the same payment for the loan duration. Last few years, brokers are using a trick on ignorant home buyers. They say the fixed rate mortgage is for the duration of 30-years when in reality the rate is fixed for only some years.

Therefore, while shopping you find a deal offered is cool check the duration of a fixed rate. If the mortgage duration is for 30-years with a fixed rate on only 5 years then you don’t have an idea of what will be needed to be paid, when these five years expire.

Determine the interest rate

Fixed mortgage interest rate determination includes factors like –

  • Current prevalent interest rates
  • Personal financial status
  • Who will pay the closing costs?
  • Private mortgage insurance

Cost tradeoff

The fixed mortgage rate is an expensive form of home loan in terms of upfront payments. In an adjustable-rate mortgage type, the lenders make money, when the rates increase, which is not possible in a fixed-rate mortgage. The lenders make a stake of 30-years. It means if after you took a loan, the interest rates increase then the lender will lose potential profits but borrowers will save a lot. This is the reason behind the huge upfront cost in choosing a fixed mortgage rate.

Payment fluctuations

Some homeowners get shocked when they receive a huge bill even after they are committed to paying their same monthly installments against the fixed-rate mortgage loans. It is because homeowners chose to pay their home insurance and property taxes directly from an escrow account.

If there is an increase in insurance or taxes then your lender will add the amount to your monthly payments, but this will not change your real mortgage payment.

Advantages of fixed mortgage rates

  • Payment predictability.
  • Extra payments towards the principal amount can be made without any prepayment penalties.
  • Stable interest rates, even if the mortgage market worsens significantly. If the market is better than refinance and get good rates.


Why is the fixed mortgage rate not suitable for you?

  • Upfront costs are higher.
  • Interest rates are higher.
  • Hard to qualify for.

Who can find a fixed rate mortgage suitable?

Homeowners planning to stay for several years or plan to refinance and continue to stay there can opt for a fixed-rate mortgage. In situations where the prevailing rate is high then don’t get locked, especially when you are not planning to stay for long. If you possess a poor credit score then you will hardly qualify for favorable rates.

Contact Sammamish Mortgage online to understand the interest rates and home buying process clearly!

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What to Consider when Choosing the Right Car Insurance?

Beyond getting the right coverage for you and your car, it’s equally vital to have the best insurer.  One who receives and processes claims with due timeliness, responds to all car insurance questions you might raise and, most importantly, doesn’t inconvenience you as the owner of the car.

Look: From getting car insurance quotes to finally getting a sticker for your vehicle, the process of selecting which insurer to buy an auto insurance policy cannot be taken flippantly. Yes, you can renew or end the plan, but its importance cannot be underestimated. So, here are the factors you’ve to evaluate before opting for a specific insurer.

The Reputation of the Car Insurance Provider

You need to be certain that the company you choose can suit your needs as a driver or car owner. So, you must perform a little digging to learn what former clients say about them. Talking to your friends, going through online reviews, and keeping abreast of correlated financial news can help you learn the company’s reputation. You can go through the FAQ’s for car insurance to know more than you thought.


In the event of a car accident, you’d need a clear channel to present your claims, right? So the insurer you opt for should possess an entrenched digital presence to allow you to file your claims effortlessly.

For example, an insurer with a mobile app is a sure plus. This connotes that you can renew your auto insurance policy instantly. Also, you can receive vehicle insurance plans online; thus, you can learn about the cheapest auto insurance plan effortlessly.

Customer Service

Apart from getting an insurance policy, it’s equally imperative to have an insurer who actively responds to any queries or issues you might raise. And for you to assess this aspect, the only quick way is to visit their online platforms or contact the customer care center and gauge how prompt they get back.

Manageability of the Firm’s Premiums

You might be a keen driver who ever anticipates the actions of other road users or has a spotless driving record. But the fact is you must pay the car insurance premium to that insurance firm. Be it classic car insurance or any other; you must ensure you pick an insurer you’re in a position to afford their payment.

Types of Coverage

Numerous types of coverage can be included in your policy. So, you can decide on the company that offers all the types of coverage you’ll require, provided you can cater to the all-inclusive package, as explained in the point above. Also, if you want third-party coverage, go for firms that offer that extra.

Bottom Line

Up to this far, it’s quite crucial to remember this; for you to select the best auto insurance for your vehicle, a few aspects must be factored in. From considering the company’s reputation to opting for insurers who can offer multiple coverage options to suit your specific needs. But as you commence the process, remember every factor is as important as the other.

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How a No Claim Bonus can give you a significant benefit in bike insurance renewal

If you use a bike or any other two-wheeler, or if you plan to purchase a new two-wheeler, then you must always remember to have an insurance policy. Any insurance for bike protects you from financial liabilities arising due to injuries or damages suffered by a third-party involving your bike. It can also provide coverage to you from the financial losses in the case of your bike being damaged because of natural or man-made calamities. The policy could also protect you from two-wheeler thefts. In a nutshell, a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy protects you and your bike from accidents, thefts and damages along with providing the statutory third-party cover.

Here, you must understand the difference between a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance and third-party insurance cover. While a third-party insurance for bike only protects you from third-party claims, a comprehensive policy provides you and your bike with a coverage against damages and thefts along with a personal accident cover for the rider in addition to the third-party coverage. You can also avail of several add-ons in the case of a comprehensive insurance policy. For instance, on Finserv MARKETS, you can consider an online insurance for two-wheelers with add-ons like 24X7 assistance, personal accident cover for the pillion rider and zero depreciation bike insurance cover.

You should also remember that while you can avail both single year and multi-year comprehensive insurance policies, the latter has an edge by providing benefits like protection from enhanced payment of premium due to annual cost revision cycle alongside the key benefit of No Claim Bonus.

Understanding No Claim Bonus (NCB): No Claim Bonus or NCB is a reward or discount offered by insurance companies for not making any claims in the preceding policy year. This is a reward/discount only on the own damage segment of the premium, and not for third-party claims. In case of traditional annual policies for insurance of bikes, you won’t get the benefit of NCB. But in the case of multi-year policies for insurance of bikes, there will be an incremental increase in the NCB each year. For example, in the case of Bajaj Allianz Two-wheeler Insurance, available on Finserv Markets, the NCB starts with 20% for the first year, increases to 25% for the second year, then 35% for the third year, and 45% for the fourth year; up to a maximum of 50% for five consecutive years.

Source: The Economic Times

What’s more, you can also transfer the NCB to a new vehicle in case of substitution of vehicle of the same class. This means even if you are purchasing a new vehicle, you can transfer your existing NCB, provided that the two-wheeler is of the same specifications or class.

NCB and its impact on bike insurance renewal: During bike insurance renewal, NCB can provide you with a key benefit in the form of discounts to the premium for own damage component. For example, suppose you had purchased a two-wheeler policy in 2018 for your new bike, and did not make any claims during the policy year. When the bike insurance policy comes up for renewal in 2019, you can claim a 20% discount on the premium for own damage component of the policy.

You are also allowed to claim NCB while switching to a different insurance company while bike insurance renewal. You need to provide the new insurer with last year’s policy document which mentions the NCB that you are eligible for. On Finserv MARKETS, you can transfer up to 50% of your existing NCB.

To claim benefits of NCB during bike insurance renewal, you must make a cost-benefit analysis while making claims for damage of your bike. As NCB reverts to zero even in the case of a small claim, you can forego smaller claims for minor damages. This will help you with the discount on subsequent year’s premium amount.

How to apply for online insurance for two wheelers?

If you want to avail insurance for bike, then you can easily apply for online insurance for two wheelers on Finserv MARKETS. Here are the steps involved:

  • Select your insurance for bike plan from the options of: comprehensive bike insurance or third-party insurance for bike.
  • Select the add-on covers
  • Fill in the application for and provide the details. Also upload the requisite documents online.
  • Choose the policy period and premium paying cycle.
  • Pay for the bike insurance online using your debit card, credit card, net banking or digital wallet.
  • Instantly receive a digital copy of your bike insurance.

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