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Cheers to the company that took on an unsecured business loan

Sat with a drink at the end of the night you feel content. Business is going tremendously well at the small bar you have opened to the public so that they can enjoy the beers from the microbrewery that you set up a year or so ago.

It was a bit of a struggle to begin with, when something you started as a hobby made you give brewing a try. The finances were the initial issue, but the tide turned after discovering unsecured business loans which made all the difference.

  • You knew that you had a good product as your friends, some of whom are never short of being honest, said that the ales you produced on a small scale were really good. However, you need equipment to start brewing anything like the amount required to turn it into a business and you had no savings.
  • You had no collateral in the way of a home or a car and you needed a premises to kick off with as your rented apartment was never going to fit the bill and mum and dad weren’t impressed when you suggested starting off in their garage.
  • You already had another couple of loans that you were slowly paying off for the initial equipment.
  • You had no money to pay for upfront transportation to get your product out to potential clients to try and stock in their bars.

None of this proved a problem after being accepted for an unsecured business loan.

  • You spoke to experts offering you a fantastic deal compared to other lenders, after going through a simple application process. No collateral was required and the agreement was sorted quickly, meaning no stressful long waiting. Before long you were up and running.
  • You consolidated your previous loan through refinancing, so you just pay the one package, which has made things easier to handle and helped your credit rating.
  • By choosing a reputable finance company with experts in unsecured loans you knew that you were with the right people from reading customer testimonials who have been in operation for approaching twenty-five years.
  • They were so good that you returned to increase the loan so that you could open the bar which has increased your brewing output.

Getting an unsecured business loan has proven to be the best deal you could have brokered, as what started as a hobby is now growing into a flourishing company.

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