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Horn first female president of Ag Law Society

Horn first female president of Ag Law Society

A Colorado law student raised on a ranch who studies at Washburn University School of Law is the first female president of the Agricultural Law Society. Abbey Horn grew up at Raymond Horn Ranch, a multigenerational cow calf operation between Steamboat Springs and Vail near McCoy, Colo., Which has a population of 33.

Through a summer of calves, she was introduced to the sheep industry by local sheep herder.

“That made me start in the sheep industry and I started my 4-H flock when I was 8 years old, buying my market lambs with the money from the lambs,” he said. “I always had sheep after that until I went to college.”

She graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in agricultural economics. Part of her role within the Ag Law Society is to expose other law students to agriculture through speakers and other events.

She said: “There are many students in the law school in the building with us who do not understand that the food does not come from the grocery store.”

During his time at Washburn, Horn participated in Dane G. Hansen’s rural outdoor internship program, which places students in legal positions in rural areas of northwestern Kansas. He also serves as a research assistant for Professor Rodger McEowen and helps maintain the Agriculture Act and the Washburn Tax Report. He recently returned to his second summer with Sebilius and Griffiths, LLP in Norton, Kan., Where he concentrates his time on processing juveniles, city, county, businesses, agriculture, water, banks and state health care programs.

“I appreciate the rural communities and I enjoy being in small towns and serving the people who need it the most,” she said. “There is a shortage of lawyers throughout western Kansas and eastern Colorado, as well as in central and western Nebraska.”

The Agricultural Law Society of Washburn University seeks to educate the next generation of lawyers on the importance of an agriculturally friendly society by promoting and fostering conversations on current issues related to agricultural law. The Ag Law Society is one of the largest organizations within the law school.

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