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House Democrats call for revival of meat labeling law

House Democrats call for revival of meat labeling law

Lawmakers have called again for the meat labelling law which is to be added to the proposed trade design. The trade pact design as to replace the agreement, called North American Free Trade Agreement in 1994.

COOL which the country of origin labelling requirement has been called as to show the details on the label about animal. Details should be about were an animal born, raised and slaughtered.

On the other hand Mexico and Canada have taken the case about law to the World Trade Organization. They stated that meatpackers are not buying their livestock.

Lawmakers of both parties got repeal language into the fiscal 2016 omnibus spending package.

Lawmakers also want the provisions that establish a 10-year monopoly on the price of biological drugs to be eliminated and allow the use of private arbitration panels by US oil and gas companies in disputes with Mexico.

The letter says that final package of NAFTA must restore the COOL labelling.

“While Canada respects that buyers should be able to make informed decisions about the food they buy, mandatory COOL measures would place an undue burden on Canadian and US livestock supply chains, harming producers on both sides of the border” embassy in Washington .

In 2015, the WTO granted Canada the power to impose up to $ 781 million in tariffs at the exchange rate at that time.

The WTO said the labeling requirement led potential US buyers of Canadian or Mexican cattle and pigs to offer lower prices or opt for US animals to avoid additional costs. After the final decision of the WTO, Congress finalized mandatory labelling for certain cuts of beef and pork, as well as ground beef and ground pork.

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