How to Maintain Your Car During a Lockdown?

COVID-19 has bought the whole world down to its knees. This pandemic has disrupted life and pulled the brakes on the entire world. Apart from being a major health concern, it has also led to a nationwide lockdown leading to businesses, schools, theatres, etc. remaining closed and forced people to stay indoors.

Most households in India own a vehicle – either a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler. While some people use them to commute to work, others use them to go shopping or for a mere drive around town. With the lockdown forcing most offices to remain shut, most cars were left parked or sparingly used for grocery shopping. This led to some concerns regarding keeping the car in a running condition.

Today, we are going to talk about how you can maintain your car during a lockdown and avoid unnecessary expenses to get it back on the roads. We will also highlight the importance of car insurance in India during the lockdown and help you decide on online car insurance renewal.

Tips for maintaining your car during a lockdown

Any mechanical engine requires regular maintenance to ensure that an extended period of inactivity does not adversely affect it. A car is no different. Here are some handy tips for maintaining your car during a lockdown.

1. Start your car regularly

As we all know, a well-functioning battery is needed for the car to work. And if you don’t start the car for days, there is a high probability that the battery will drain out. Hence, it is necessary to start the car once a week to ensure that the battery remains in working condition. Along with the battery being in good condition when a car is driven around, it also ensures that the engine and the oils do not dry out. Another important feature is checking the AC; switch on the car AC for some time to check if it is working fine.

2. Find a good parking spot

It is also important to choose a good parking spot for your vehicle. Ensure it is parked on a cemented or tiled ground since parking it on grass can cause rust due to the moisture in the grass. Further, parking in a safe area is very important. If there are too many trees around the parking area, please make provision for a canopy, an overhead roof for the car. Also, remove all valuable items from the car

         3. Use a pest repellant

If a car is standing in one place for a long time, it can become home to pests like rodents and bugs. Hence, it is important to ensure that these aspects are taken care of. A pest infestation can cause a lot of damage. If your parking space is home to pests, ensure that you use a repellent to keep them away.

4. Keep your car covered

Since you are not using the vehicle every day, it is a good idea to keep the car covered. A cover can protect your car from bird poop. That is usually a nightmare for the vehicle owners because that can damage a car’s paint within hours.

5. Tyres

Driving the vehicle once in two weeks will also prevent the tyres from degrading. A damaged tyre can be a nightmare, and replacing one or more tyres can be costly. If a vehicle is kept in the same position for days or weeks, the tyres could develop cracks under pressure. Do not neglect the spare tyre. Check it once in a while too. A handy trick that can be used is to slightly over-inflate the tyres. This helps to keep the rubber in better condition.

        6. Other tips

  • Take the windshield wipers off the screen. When not in use for a long time, they tend to leave a mark. Hence it is advisable to take them off during the lockdown.
  • Fill the tank to its brim. This is said to be helpful because it prevents condensation from accumulating inside the tank. Also, in an emergency, it is always necessary to have sufficient fuel to drive the car around.
  • Wax and seal your car regularly. This ensures the durability of the paint and saves potential cost.
  • Ensure that you change oils at regular intervals. While most people might defer this since they are not driving the car around, it helps keep your beloved vehicle in good shape.

       7. Car Insurance

Many car owners believe that since they are not driving their cars, they don’t need an active insurance policy. This is incorrect. According to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, all vehicles in India need to have an active insurance policy even if they are parked in a public area. Also, those who have comprehensive policies can benefit since any damage to the car due to a natural or man-made disaster like an earthquake, flood, lightning, riots, terrorist activities, etc., or the theft of the car is covered by these plans.

Hence, it is important to have car insurance in India during the lockdown. If you are buying a new car, ensure that you compare policies before you purchase car insurance online.

Summing Up

Keeping track of these few things can go a long way in the upkeep of the vehicle. And with the spending capacity restricted because of the lockdown, it is very important to maintain the shelf life of your vehicle. Any additional cost due to negligence will prove to be a costly affair. And this is something none of us would want to incur under the current circumstances. If your car insurance policy is up for renewal, look up some car insurance offers online and choose the one that is best suited to your four-wheeled friend. Good Luck!

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