Anthony Hawley

V-Blog365 is a wholesome business website owned and founded by Anthony Hawley, who has a penchant for collecting news items related to financial markets and business transactions and turning them into written articles which are worthy of a read. His interests are varied, with equity markets, bitcoin, and even blockchain technology taking center stage! His experience and qualitative approach towards content are what floats V-Blog365 across the ocean of knowledge access.

Charles Barker
Author- Business & Trade

Charles Barker is the team’s trusted source for all news relating to equity markets and is treated as a business expert. They cover stories which matter in the international trading and business arena, including large transactions, or moves by nations in any direction, affecting the business markets.

Dennis Payne
Author- Crypto

Dennis Payne is a cryptocurrency maven who wows our readership with his research abilities, writing skills and in-depth knowledge of the crypto world. His stories prove to be eye-openers for us all, and therefore make for recommended reads for you.

Kathryn Moore
Author- Law & Order

Law & Order in the nation is going through a period of overhauling according to norms and standards of today’s world. The team at V-Blog365 focuses its law and order related writing and queries to Kathryn, whose interest in the latest changes made in policies, or potential changes which may come about renders her invaluable to us.

Scott Kinzel
Author- Real Estate

In a market which sees swinging trends, reducing and increasing rates of purchase, as well as a constant surge of information, Scott stands strong against the tides of news reports on the subject. His unique perspective of looking at the details of a story without making it one sided, or biased, places him in high regard for our team, and makes a fine addition.