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U.S. stock futures jump after U.S. and China agree to resume trade talks

U.S. stock futures jump after U.S. and China agree to resume trade talks

As the United States and China agreed to put a halt to their ongoing tariff wars are planning to reinitiate trade negotiations. This lead to an increase in the in the U.S. stock futures of over one percent when the global markets resumed trade on Sunday. US president Donald Trump held a meeting with China’s president Xi Jinping along the lines of the G-20 Summit held recently in Japan on Saturday. Trump has claimed that the talks have gone better than the expectations held by the U.S. camp and described the talks to have been gone excellent.

The United States provided concessions, and put a halt on all future tariffs to be levied on trade. The United States also eased the restrictions on tech company Huawei in an effort to lower the tensions between the two nations regarding trade. However on the larger front, we see both the U.S. and China are still holding out at their positions and refusing to budge ever so slightly. This puts serious doubts about how long it would need the two parties to be able to forge a deal with is equally appealing for both the parties.


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