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4 major benefits of hiring a maid for your house

If you are asking yourself why you should hire a maid service, think about the help you can get from it. People from nations like Singapore, Hong Kong, etc tend to hire foreign domestic help a lot compared to other countries. And studies have shown that the recipient countries usually have higher job records and they have educationally developed their countries too. Also, the economy between the provider and recipient nations also balances out.

However, you can feel unsure about the thought of inviting someone or hiring another person inside your house, who will live, eat, and work for you; along with taking care of things. It won’t be too much trouble as you will only have to provide the necessary stuff for the hired help. For example- a decent sleeping space, privacy, etc.

The decision will be wise enough for you if you have kids or elderly parents, who need constant care and assistance because of their medical conditions. If you are a single parent to your kids, you will need the service more than you think. It won’t be a financial struggle for you if you are prepared beforehand about hiring a foreign domestic help like 印傭 or Indonesian maid.

You should start saving some of your money from now to be prepared for this process. The right kind of service Provider Company will help you with all the detail and rules you need to know about hiring help from a foreign country.

In this article, we will discuss all how a house owner and a breadwinner can have advantages from hiring a foreign domestic maid or help.

A clean house

According to studies, 60% of people feel more relaxed in a clean environment compared to other times. Another study says that around 72% of people feel more productive while staying in a deep-cleaned house. This can be possible when you will hire a maid or domestic help service in your house.

The kind of cleanliness you have seen by now is nothing compared to someone who has professional training in cleaning.

More quality time

Many of us do not even realize how time-consuming it is to come back home and having to clean the house every day or week. The hired help or maid will take that burden from our shoulder and will take care of every household chore. It will allow us to spend more quality time reading books, having a movie night with kids, eating something we like, etc.

Skilled service in everything

The hired maid is trained and bound to provide skilled and professional service regarding the house and other relevant duties.

Taking care of kids and elderly when you are away

If you have to leave your house to attend an important meeting while your kids and parents will stay in the house, your hired foreign domestic help will come to your rescue. The helper will take care of everything when you are away by making sure everyone is safe and healthy.

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The efficient tool for the resumebuild is easily available on the web

If you want to start a job search, it is necessary to apply different effective strategies. The resumebuild has become an effective tool and very successful for many people to achieve their dream job. However, to carry it out, it is necessary to have professionals and specialists who contribute their experience and knowledge.

To do an effective search, it is best to take advantage of the web’s infinite resources. In it, search engines are an easy tool that allows you to find websites like In this and other websites, putting together and building a summary is a very simple and easy activity.

These pages allow you to download hundreds of resume templates where uploading and emptying personal information is quick in just a few minutes. They even allow you to adapt to the type of job you are looking for, and thus have more possibilities. A summary presentation is vital to be selected since it allows us to highlight the required capacities quickly and briefly.

Their experts are also available to provide personalized advice and help on some of these pages to complete their summaries. By adapting to your clients’ demands, you will always complete your resume build and send your summaries to the job options you want safely and confidently.

With thousands of web and job portal users, today, it is no longer enough to have the knowledge required for a position. It takes an eye-catching presentation, and a substantial-quality summary for employers to make their decision. To achieve this, more and more portals and websites specialize with human resources personnel in this practice.

What advantages stand out compared to other competitors in the resumebuild?

By opting for elaboration or construction of summaries under the parameters and requirements of human resources, it is possible to have the following advantages over the rest of the applicants:

Clear, concise, and summarized information: Without having to present a long list of your knowledge, courses, and abilities, in these formats, it is possible to make a summary presentation that will make your evaluators notice that you have the skills required for the position. Thus, you save time and effort, and you will be able to stand out without problems concerning other employment applicants.

Templates are adapted to the demands of the human resources reviewers of companies. The best thing about these templates is that they have an order and presentation of the information adapted to human resources personnel’s requirements. In them, you will have the facility to organize your personal information, studies, knowledge, and skills in a manner appropriate to the demands of these offices.

Some templates are free for their users’ convenience: If you require these services for free on the web, you can find pages that provide functional templates for free. In them, you can fill the necessary information to send a quality summary, and have your professionals for when you need them. Without delays, it is possible to download these templates in just a few minutes and make their assembly on a PC to send it later wherever you want.

They offer easy means of contact and within reach of their users. To download and make your CV, the websites have easy means of contact and available to everyone. From online chats, contact emails, and more, they are available for your attention.

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What do the current PPC trends indicate?

This year will focus more on automation and audience. The funnel system of PPC tends to focus more on the correct audience through multiple channels. Hire a top google ppc agency in Singapore so that the experts working there can help your business to dominate the market with the proper flow of traffic and generate more leads with cutting-edge PPC campaigns.

Here, some of the current PPC trends are mentioned—

Customers will be prioritized over the keywords

The trend of putting the limelight on customers than simply focusing on the keywords is the primary target according to many industry biggies. Whereas many critics stand against it and says keywords should be given the previous honor when it comes to PPC campaigns for branding to lead generation.

Amazon is a great channel

With over a $1 trillion ecommerce business, Amazon has shown the world how to use online advertising to drive in more target audience and crack the deal effectively. Right now, Amazon is targeted by Google, Facebook and Bing.

Video ads are more effective

The video ads on YouTube to Facebook while watching a video is more in use these days. It often annoys watchers however if the video is good, they will continue watching.

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Comparing Fintech and Blockchain Technology with Traditional Banking

Fintech is a trending term in the financial world today. It involves the use of technology to develop solutions in the financial and banking sector. Believe it or not, fintech has been adopted by the entire world, which further drives innovation.

Blockchain technology is also a type of fintech that is highly sophisticated. It was invented as a solution for cryptocurrency, which is a form of digital currency that is changing world financial transactions by storm. Blockchain uses a distributed ledger where any changes are visible to everyone and they can hardly be reversed.

These two technologies are game changers in the financial sector, especially traditional banking. Basically, banks are custodians of money deposited by their clients. They also invest some of the money through various projects and issue loans where they earn interest. Today, banks have adopted fintech and blockchain technologies to better their services. To understand more about blockchain and cryptocurrency in general, visit For now, let us see how these work.

Fintech Technology in Banks

  •         Use of apps – the use of apps to manage finances is increasingly popular these days. Fintech companies are behind this solution through their innovative ideas. Banks have already adopted this technology where their customers can check balances, ask for loans, and even send money to other people through a mobile app. This has indeed increased convenience in how they offer services.
  •         Mobile payment – although this technology is often used by independent financial institutions, banks have joined the trend to stay in business. Mobile payment is used in developed and developing countries. Some are quite elaborate and are used as banks where people can save up to a certain limit. Most of these are financed by banks.
  •         Budget apps – people have become too busy to track their incomes and expenses. But banks have now adopted the technology of using apps to make budgets and even manage people’s finances. So, it is time to talk to your bank to learn if they have this in place. They can detect your income and payments that are drawn from your account. You will be able to view your financial information at any time.

Blockchain Technology in Banking

Essentially, banks have adopted two concepts: distributed or shared ledgers and cryptography. Initially, banks would use documents that could only be changed by one person, and the changes file would be emailed to others for them to view the changes. Today, this is long gone because there are shared ledgers where authorized people can make changes in real time and all other collaborators can see these changes.

Likewise, cryptography has increased secure communication in the banking sector. Probably, you have not heard of many cases of security issues with banks. This is because they have secure technology to ensure data integrity at all times.

Final Word

As you can see, fintech and blockchain technologies have indeed revolutionized the traditional banking sector in an excellent way. It is anticipated that more changes will be seen in the future to make banking convenient, fast, and secure.

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How to select the right van shelving service for your business growth?

The trend of business is shifting to a newer side from offline to online and phygital. The concept of van shelving is taking a greater leap in today’s era to offer breathtaking ideas and convenient services to their clients and customers at the helm. Moreover, van as a vehicle is storing ranges of products and equipmentin providing employment opportunities at a greater extent. You can visit online and check out ranges and varieties of van shelving services in Melbourne. Compare the prices online and get the best quote at the helm. This is such a latest concept that will help you in gaining quick popularity and proliferating it at its best. Here we have discussed about some of the essential points that would help you in selecting right kind of van shelving service for speedy growth of your business.

The Purpose of van shelving services

The idea of Van shelving services is resembling with professionalism and it comes without any kind of complications. Moreover, it is quite mobile by nature and can reach to distant places with the intention of fulfilling the requirements of multiple customers at the helm. Thus, you need to get that services into your business to have a physical presence – creatively. This will help you in increasing your target audience which will further lead to alluring and connecting with prospective buyers and more.

Van shelving services as a business opportunity

Various business and industries are adopting the concept of van shelving services so that they can work in an organised manner. This will provide them with sufficient space to locate and store their inventory and other essential tools that are quite imperative at the workplace. They come with different size, shape, volume and capacity so that they can provide customised services down the lane. In fact, it becomes very convenient and easy to walk through the van and take a trip of all your products and inventory.

They are very efficient and effective for business-related operation activities

It has been observed that with the help of van shelving services, your work gets so assorted and disciplined that leave no room for errors and complications. Practically, all your work pattern and work target will become simplified and hassle-free. For an instance, when the objects are small or small-ticket products, there are chances of misplacement. But, with the help of van shelving, you will be able to segregate individual space and store your objects easily at the helm.

Van shelving is very cost-effective approach

Van shelving is the latest and most brimming concept. Apart from offering ranges of benefits, it very cost-effective and reasonable from an economic point of view. You just need to look out for the spatial arrangements and then all your work will be done effectively and efficiently. Not only big companies, but small traders are using this concept to get a leap into their business.

Therefore, contact v-blog365.comand get the best quote.

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Proposing Your Love: How To Find The Perfect Ring?

Your love may be priceless, but you have to put a ring on that finger! Every girl has this dream of a romantic proposal, and you want that to be as elaborate as your pocket can stretch. To think of it, this is the ring she is going to wear for the next few decades, and it’s more of a statement of your love. If you are looking around for that perfect proposal ring in Singapore, the good news is you will find many stores. Of course, there are a few basic aspects that must be considered, given that there is no one ring for every girl. In this post, we are sharing a guide that may come in handy.

Find your budget

Being practical about your budget is necessary, because let’s face it – you don’t have all the money in the world. You have to decide what works for you. Most jewelry stores have a decent range, so you can always work around the price. Keep in mind that customizing your ring may seem like an expensive option, but often that’s the best possible way of getting all things you need within a certain price bracket. Budget largely also defines the kind of diamond you can afford.

Think of her style

You need to find a ring that she can wear and would love to flaunt, doesn’t always have to be the most expensive one. For instance, some women just like the idea of a standard solitaire ring, while others are fond of proposal rings that look more like a band. It should be something that will suit her personal style and is also practical. For instance, you don’t want to buy a huge ring that she cannot wear on a daily basis.

Research about diamonds

When it comes to diamonds, the 4 Cs are important – cut, color, clarity, and carat. The color and cut of the diamond are two aspects that matter the most, but it is always a matter of choice. You can go for a big rock that has too many inclusions, or can select a great-looking and well-cut diamond that isn’t huge in weight. Also, make sure that the diamonds are certified – it is an absolute must.

Finally, don’t forget to consider the band metal. Ideally, both yellow gold and platinum are great choices, but you can always settle for something like rose gold. Check online for options now!

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How to create an effective SEO strategy

SEO is undisputedly the new sheriff in town. Besides, it’s a digital marketing tool with its practical aspect channelled at optimizing the content of a website to facilitate its discovery among search results. The results of user input on a search engine such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo appear in ranks from the top to the least. In business, the trick is staying ahead of the competition; as a result, it’s mandatory to develop new marketing strategies to thrive in the game and meet your objectives. Cardinal Digital Marketing is a proficient player in engineering digital marketing strategies that can facilitate and sustain a business in the long run. Interested in SEO? Read through the article to capture the art of coming up with an elaborate SEO strategy.

Identify your target market

Long gone at the days when SEO was used to drive high traffic rates to a site. Today, the digital marketing technique has tremendously transformed into the art of attracting potential visitors whom will eventually take an interest in what you offer. In a bid to break down this topic into small manageable chunks it’s necessary to think of yourself as a customer. First, what are your potential consumers fetching? The best way of tackling such an issue is to understand the kind of problem you tend to solve in all possible angles and dimensions. Secondly, how are the web searches being performed? This information will aid in configuring content in such a manner that it will be easy to access the information required.

Optimizing websites for mobile phones

Globally, the number of smartphone users is anticipated to increase from a magnificent 2.1 billion in 2016 to figure of around 2.5 billion in 2019. Consequently, desktops are facing stiff competition due to the unimaginable use of online mobile internet spearheaded by the development of smartphones. On the other hand, search engine optimization was only available for desktops only until recently when it penetrated into the smartphone realm. Today, websites can be optimized for mobile browsers; as a result, boosting the chances of your site ranking higher in search engine results.

Use a variety of search engines

Whenever search engines are a topic of discussion, Google comes out as the dominantly used tool. However, what the majority don’t realize is that there are other search engines apart from Google which include Bing and Yahoo. These search engines are actively in use and can be used as alternatives anytime, anywhere. Improving your visibility on these search engines gives you an edge over your possible competition. Although Google enjoys worldwide coverage in use, there are significant users of other search engines that can become your potential customers.


Creating an effective SEO strategy is essential to the overall success of a business. Furthermore, the world of today has shifted to the online sphere, a platform that is free for any legal business to take the course. The concepts identified in this article are factual and can indeed impact your business activities.

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Custom Box Solutions

Packing does a lot of things. But one of the most important ability is to protect the items in the box. And you are preventing them from getting damaged while transported.

So that’s why you need reliable and good packaging to protect the items inside of it because if you use cheap alternatives, they will only cost you more. Damaged items will mean a loss of customers and expensive returns. So that’s why you need custom boxes that are strong and reliable, so you can start building your brand.

But it’s not always about the protection, and your custom boxes need to have a nice design.  And a logo imprinted on them so your business can start growing.

So let’s see how custom packaging can help you solve all of your business problems:

Custom Printed Boxes

The most popular customized packaging solution offered is custom boxes. Having your own custom box doesn’t simply advance your business. It likewise gives it a more professional picture of it.

Regardless of how complicated or simple, you need your box to look, we will advise you on starting with custom boxes.

So all you need to have is a plan on how the custom box should look and go to a packaging business and tell them all about it. They will help you and find you a solution that will help your business.

Custom Printed Tape

You have to seal your custom boxes in any case, so why not use the tape to get two different things at the same time? You can have your name and logo on it, which means you’ll get the vast majority of the advantages recorded previously.

Then again, if your item needs cautious or extraordinary dealing with, a message plainly imprinted onto your tape can ensure it grabs the attention of whoever needs to see it, so diminishing considerably further the odds of unnecessary harm being caused. Or then again, you can simply print something splendid and happy to ensure your package hangs out in any group.

Having custom pressing tape can cost from under £2 a roll, so if you’d been expecting this would be a costly arrangement (simply figure what number of bundles you can seal with one 66-meter move!), it’s an excellent opportunity to reconsider. And maybe this will be the solution for your business to start growing.

Custom Printed Carrier Bags

You most likely imagine that to have your very own carrier bags printed, and you will need to arrange a lot! However, we like to bring the advantages of custom packages, so you can realize that it’s worth the time. We hope you loved our solutions for custom boxes. These are simple things that will impact your business a lot.

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Check the Many Advantages of Hiring Funeral Services

Saying goodbye to the departed soul in the most appropriate way is an absolute must. Unfortunately, planning a funeral is not always easy. In fact, at a time when you are dealing with the loss of a loved one, the last thing on your mind would be about handling different services and making arrangements. With professional funeral services, you don’t have to manage anything, because there are experts who will ensure that the entire process remains a smooth one. In this post, we are discussing more on the advantages of using funeral services.

  • Spend within a budget. Check online for affordable Singapore funeral packages, and you will realize that most services have ready options, depending on the level of arrangements you seek. Contrary to popular belief, hiring funeral services doesn’t have to be an expensive affair.
  • Follow the customs and rituals. Funerals are always different in every religion, and the list of customary rituals can vary. If you are not sure of what to follow, or want to follow specific rituals, funeral services are your best bet. They can arrange things as you want.
  • Get all the contacts. From hiring photographers and selecting a casket, to getting contacts of morticians and other relevant services, these services have all the contacts you may need for a proper funeral. There is no reason or need to ask around or seek help from others.

  • Help with other things. In Singapore, you need to first get the Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD), to get the death certificate, and if the death has happened at home, the funeral service can further guide you in procuring the same.
  • Stay in time. Arranging things at your own end can take considerable time, and if you want to avoid all of that, just go for professional assistance. Of course, not all funeral services offer the same packages, and you want one that’s not only experienced but will also respect your wishes.

A wise way of hiring funeral services is to check what they offer, ask for a package and get a clear estimate. You would also expect quick response and assistance with all the relevant aspects, so that the actual funeral can be done within the time you want. If a funeral service has been around for a while, you can seek references too. Just make sure that treat the departed right and are around to take your orders and requests.

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The Art of Crafting a Brand Story Made Simpler

The term “brand story” may seem like the marketing buzz phrase of the day, but in actual fact, great brands have been telling stories for a very long time.

Take one of the world’s most iconic brands, Coca-Cola, for example. Its logo has barely changed over its 130-year history. The brand’s heritage, its story of being the original cola, has always been part of its marketing strategy.

It is true to say, however, that brand stories have moved to the forefront of marketing campaigns in recent times. Why is this so?

The importance of brand storytelling is largely due to its social media impact. Social media has encouraged conversations between brands and consumers that weren’t possible with traditional advertising. It has underlined the importance of brand identity.

Brands can, and need, to have much greater interaction with their customers.

Stories make this possible.

What is a brand story?

In simple terms, your brand story is the tale of how your brand began or where it’s going, framed in a way that connects with your target audience. It should aim to give a clear window into the company’s culture and explain its values, its vision and its mission.

Why tell your story?

Storytelling encourages interaction; humans have always told stories to foster connections with another. Indeed, having stories in common are what bind friendships, families, whole cultures together.

Brands can, through compelling storytelling, create a real connection between a brand and its audience. Stories can engage, enrich and inspire.

Stories can evoke a very emotional response: feelings of joy, comfort, reassurance, excitement and many more can all be kindled by a great brand story. Indeed, storytelling is a very powerful medium to utilize.

A good story that resonates has the ability to completely transform mindsets.

The Art of Storytelling

Very few people would argue that they are born story-tellers. Although it is said that there’s a book waiting to be read in each person’s life, very few have the self-belief to try. Perhaps, though, creating a plot isn’t as difficult as one might assume.

Author Christopher Brooker made a compelling case that there are really only seven different stories in his landmark 2004 work, “The Seven Basic Plots.” He argues that all popular narratives, from those created by Shakespeare to EL James, have one of seven recognizable shapes.

Not all the basic plot types are ideal for marketing purposes; needless to say that ‘tragedy’ is not ideal.

However, here are all the other six story types and how they’ve been used successfully by brands. In looking at these plots, you may note that a brand’s identity, or its past, present and future, fits in any one of these narrative styles.

The Quest

These are classic stories of heroes on a mission. They must overcome obstacles on their way to ultimately make the world a better place. You may recognize this plot shape from “The Iliad and The Odyssey” to the “The Lord of the Rings.”

The use of Flo, the popular character from Progressive Insurance’s long-running campaign, is an example of how this kind of story can really hit home with consumers. Flo’s ceaseless quest to provide customers with the safety and security of value-for-money insurance has been hugely popular with consumers.

Overcoming the Monster

This is the classic good conquering evil story illustrated in “Beowulf” right through to “Godzilla.”  It’s the story of one man taking on the might of something horrific for the greater good of mankind. It’s the tale of the underdog, just like in the story of David versus Goliath.

This plot shape makes for an inspiring story that can really influence brand loyalty. Think of Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign, which took on the might of the fashion and cosmetics industries and their perpetuation of unrealistic beauty standards; “No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted,” it claimed, to much admiration.

Rags to Riches

This is the classic Cinderella or Rocky story. Against all odds, the inherent goodness of a character means they eventually turn nothing into everything.

Gatorade used the classic rags to riches story in their inspiring 2017 campaign, ‘The Secret to Victory.” A series of world-famous athletes explain how they triumphed over adversity with the tagline, “Make defeat your fuel.”

Voyage and Return

In these stories, the protagonist makes a journey and comes back all the wiser. This plot is a common element in many classics such as “Alice in Wonderland” and “Gone With the Wind.”

Chipotle had an overwhelming reaction to their “Back to the Start” campaign, where a farmer journeys through an imagined future before coming back to the present and changing his course. The ad finishes with the line, “Cultivate a better future.” It has a strong ethical message at its core that resonates with viewers.


The rebirth story is one of an event that forces a character to change for the better. Think of Scrooge from “A Christmas Carol” as a classic example.

In marketing campaigns, there are many successes when stories or rebirth or regeneration are told. Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign is a great example. One of its most memorable early ads featured inspirational Walt Stack, who ran 17 miles a day at 80 years of age.


While a comedy story must, of course, contain humor, it is more complex than that. Typically, it shows a situation becoming ever more complicated, silly and confusing but is, at last, made clear with a simple, happy ending. Shakespeare was a master of comedy, but this basic plot structure is still used today in movies and TV sitcoms.

Comedic marketing campaigns are notoriously difficult to do, but when well-executed have the potential to reach cult status.

For example, Budweiser’s campaign at the turn of the century is forever remembered for its ‘Whassup!” catchphrase. Or, more recently, Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign went viral, helping the brand overcome declining sales at the time.

How to choose the right story type for your brand

Today’s consumers are becoming more and more morally conscious in their choices. They want to go with a brand that shares their values. This is why it’s so important to tell the story of where your brand came from or where it’s going.

The story of how your brand has evolved over time may well fit well into the “Voyage and Return,” “Overcoming the Monster” or “Rags to Riches” categories.

Sometimes a startup brand has such a great story behind its conception that it already fits perfectly into any one of the six plot categories. This is often the case when brands are created with a strong stance from the  very start, such as eco brands whose story usually fits neatly into a quest type of plot.

Creative branding agencies will tell you that when your brand history doesn’t have such a strong storyline,  you need to look at your core brand identity and its values. Working these into a story of where your brand is going can work just as well. “Quest” and “Rebirth” types of stories usually hit the right note with customers.

It’s worth noting, however, that brands that take risks and do things a little differently often have the most memorable campaigns.

Take Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign as an example again. Up until then, the beauty industry had tended to tell stories of the quest for perfection or Cinderella-style rags to riches stories. It is precisely because Dove broke the mold that their campaign was so successful.

AUTHOR BIO:- Grace Yacoub is the owner, founder and CEO at Zaman. She recognized the potential to develop brands in Dubai back in 1996. Amongst her first projects were to convert the local powerhouses of Etisalat and NBD into branded entities and engage the nation in the drive for modernity. She has since led projects across finance, family, industry, property, retail and all sectors to convert many of the region’s most important companies into powerful brands.

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