December 2019


3 Tips for Selecting the Right Home Loan

As much as we all love and enjoy shopping, shopping for the right home loan is not something most people look forward to. You are excited because if you are shopping for a mortgage, it means that you are about to make your dream of buying a home come true. However, with so many choices out there, choosing the right mortgage for you can prove to be daunting. Remember that you are about to make a huge life decision, and you cannot afford to make any mistakes. In this article, you will find the top guiding tips to guide you through your search for the right mortgage.

Assess your financial situation

Even before you start with your search for the right loan, you should assess your situation and determine how much you can afford. This will significantly help you select a mortgage that will suit your exact needs and circumstances. How do you assess your situation? The first step is to determine the cost of the home. Your mortgage payments will highly depend on the price of the home, which varies based on location, size, and type. The next important aspect to consider is your financial well-being. How much have you saved, or how much can you afford to pay for the house? Your down payment and credit history will affect the ideal mortgage option for you. This is because individuals with a substantial down payment plus high credit score get a mortgage at a lower interest rate and are likely to get a faster approval than those without.

Check the available loan options

Now that you have assessed your financial situation and determined if you are fit for the application, you are ready to go out there and look for the right option for you. This will depend on the interest rates and other terms of payment. You should never make the mistake of rushing into accepting the first choice that comes your way. You can easily compare home loans online to check the terms and determine which one meets your needs. It would help if you also understood how interest rates work, as this will significantly affect your capacity to repay the loan on time.

Compare different lenders

Your home loan application cannot be successful without the right lender by your side. After determining the right loan for you, it is time to take your time and search for the right lender to partner with. With the increased demand for home loans, there has been a constant rise in lenders coming up every time and claiming to offer the best services. While some have your best interest at heart, some are merely after making money from you. Be careful, so you do not fall on the wrong hands. You can embark on your search by checking reviews online and getting recommendations from family and friends who have used these services before.

With these three tips, you are good to go; rest assured to you will get the best mortgage option to meet your needs. You can finally make your dream of buying a home come true without undergoing a lot of hassle and stress.

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What to Consider when Choosing the Right Car Insurance?

Beyond getting the right coverage for you and your car, it’s equally vital to have the best insurer.  One who receives and processes claims with due timeliness, responds to all car insurance questions you might raise and, most importantly, doesn’t inconvenience you as the owner of the car.

Look: From getting car insurance quotes to finally getting a sticker for your vehicle, the process of selecting which insurer to buy an auto insurance policy cannot be taken flippantly. Yes, you can renew or end the plan, but its importance cannot be underestimated. So, here are the factors you’ve to evaluate before opting for a specific insurer.

The Reputation of the Car Insurance Provider

You need to be certain that the company you choose can suit your needs as a driver or car owner. So, you must perform a little digging to learn what former clients say about them. Talking to your friends, going through online reviews, and keeping abreast of correlated financial news can help you learn the company’s reputation. You can go through the FAQ’s for car insurance to know more than you thought.


In the event of a car accident, you’d need a clear channel to present your claims, right? So the insurer you opt for should possess an entrenched digital presence to allow you to file your claims effortlessly.

For example, an insurer with a mobile app is a sure plus. This connotes that you can renew your auto insurance policy instantly. Also, you can receive vehicle insurance plans online; thus, you can learn about the cheapest auto insurance plan effortlessly.

Customer Service

Apart from getting an insurance policy, it’s equally imperative to have an insurer who actively responds to any queries or issues you might raise. And for you to assess this aspect, the only quick way is to visit their online platforms or contact the customer care center and gauge how prompt they get back.

Manageability of the Firm’s Premiums

You might be a keen driver who ever anticipates the actions of other road users or has a spotless driving record. But the fact is you must pay the car insurance premium to that insurance firm. Be it classic car insurance or any other; you must ensure you pick an insurer you’re in a position to afford their payment.

Types of Coverage

Numerous types of coverage can be included in your policy. So, you can decide on the company that offers all the types of coverage you’ll require, provided you can cater to the all-inclusive package, as explained in the point above. Also, if you want third-party coverage, go for firms that offer that extra.

Bottom Line

Up to this far, it’s quite crucial to remember this; for you to select the best auto insurance for your vehicle, a few aspects must be factored in. From considering the company’s reputation to opting for insurers who can offer multiple coverage options to suit your specific needs. But as you commence the process, remember every factor is as important as the other.

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KTM 390 Adventure – Know Price, Specs, Mileage, Features & Launch Date

This is KTM 390 adventure bought on with 3 models lined up to the Indian market. This is going to be one of the exclusive bikes that have to start off with bringing 390cc ADV. The launch of the bike is expected in Q2 2019. Recently it is spied with camouflage during testing in India and looks quite similar to the showcased concept. The engine and features are similar to that of 390 dukes. The KTM has gained a lot of popularity in the Indian market within a short span of time. Company has planned to capitalize on its high brand value by launching the KTM 390 adventure in India.

Launch date and price

KTM 390 adventure is expected to get launched by the end of 2019. Currently the bike is under works and was last spied in December 2016. Looking to its price is around 2.3 lakh and the production will happen at Bajaj’s chakan plant with bringing a great competition around the price range.


Looking to specificities and features, the engine is 373.2 cc with a maximized power of 41 BP. The peak torque is 37Nm with an expected transmission of 6 speed manual provided with ABS and the kerb weight is 160 KGs.  Moving to the mechanical functioning, the engine is same as of the KTM duke 390 producing 42.9 BHP and 35Nm torque coupled with 6 speed gear box. This is slightly different with its tuning state that is inclined more towards low end torque delivery.

Adventure 390 features

The KTM 390 adventure will be proved a multipurpose vehicle that is meant for handling off road conditions as well as rugged terrain with ease. The bike is going to bring on a rugged look with beefy front fairing inspired by the 1190 adventure and meatier tyres.  For better scored the bike is fitted with more of heavy duty components and features additional kits like:-

  • Serves heavy duty suspension with more play and durability
  • Wider dual purpose tyres
  • Wider and well padded seats that are comfortable for both rider and pillion
  • Small carrier at the back with features to mounts for luggage boxes
  • Tall riding position and bigger fuel tank capacity
  • Better exhaust mounted to the side in order to improve ground clearance for off terrain riding
  • Knuckle guards and visors
  • ABS as standard and serves different riding modes
  • For safety features bear front and rear disc brakes with ABS

Styling and comfort

This is completely a street version of the adventure bikes which borrows inheritance from the standard 1190 adventure in terms of overall design. This is best equipped with 5 inch TFT dash which is configured as per requirements. This connects to the KTM’s My Ride app through Bluetooth enabling access to the phone functioning as well as audio player. This is a multipurpose two wheeler that is efficient to handle the off road conditions along with any kind of rugged situation. The following is expected to bring on mileage around 25 kmpl. The motor cycle bears fuel tank capacity of 14.5 liters.

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What is the importance of Renewable sources of energy?

Renewable sources of energy are those prominent energy that can be reused even after using it for once. They form a part of substantial energy that is equally reliable and imperative. They are sure to give momentum to the economy by optimally and judiciously utilising them. Therefore, it is crucial that such kind of energy must be used with the help of advanced technology that will produce in large quantities at a minimum cost.  Renewable energy are quite cheap and contribute significantly in improving the infrastructure of a company at the helm. From a political perspective, renewable energy sources brings about tax benefits and subsidies contributed by the Government for helping and supporting the nature and society at par. For installation and utilisation of renewable energy, contact Phillip Riley. They have long years of experience in dealing with such resources. With an in depth knowledge, they are quite flexible and dynamic towards responding to any climatic issue or so.

Moreover, renewable energy sources include – wind energy, solar energy, tidal energy, geothermal and hydro power energy. They can be reused if consumed once. Also, these energies are quite eco-friendly by nature and does not result into pollution or atmospheric pressure. With biotechnology, companies infuse renewable energy and naturally procure the materials within the range of environmental sustainability.

While non-renewable energy are those sources that cannot be reused once used. They are quite perishable by nature and are very harmful for the nature. They damage and affect the lifestyle and eco system of bio diversity. Thus, it is advisable to use more of renewable energy and reuse, recycle and reduce the unnecessary consumption and wastage for the betterment of future generation.

Renewable sources of energy are highly accessible

They are available in bulk quantity at different disclosed places that employ advanced technology and investment of money to procure it and put to use for sustainable environment. They are very easy to find and use without facing any kind of challenge of danger and extinction. They are found in river beads, mountains, under the sea, beneath the soil or earth, near the caves, over the hills and many more. They are considered as an invisible hand to the economy in context to GDP and growth measures.

Renewable energy sources are highly reliable and safe

They are not vulnerable to the economy. Instead they are locally procured and supported with natural substances without any kind of harmful or perilous effect. For an instance, in case of crude oil, the price bar is constantly fluctuating on the basis of political stability and strife. These affects the purchasing power and saving measure of an individual that is subject to different upheavals in economy. Thus, the existence of non-renewable sources of energy becomes quite difficult due to the increasing population. They always require the support of renewable or natural energy sources for running the economy to a distant years.

Contact Phillip Riley now and ask for the best quote.

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Your Effort to Save the Environment isn’t Only to Improve Your Image

It’s a good thing that you’re taking steps to save the environment. The question is, why do you do it? Is it because you know it’s the right thing to do, or you are afraid people will judge you if you don’t? It’s important for you to check your motivation behind these actions since your sincerity matters a lot.

You do what’s right even when you’re alone

The problem when you only recycle to improve your image is that you might only do it when you know that people are looking at you. If you think no one’s watching, you don’t care anymore. As such, you work hard to volunteer for various causes, but you don’t throw your trash in the right bin when no one sees you. It’s important for you to have a sincere heart in this effort so that you will always feel guilty whenever you’re not doing the right thing.

It’s not about you 

You need to remember that you’re trying your best to save the environment for the future of our children. They deserve to have a better place to live. At the rate at which we currently destroy the environment, there might be no future for children at all. Keep thinking about them to motivate you to work hard. Stop making it about you and the reputation you’re trying to protect.

Don’t think about personal benefits

If there’s any benefit that you will get out of this endeavor, it’s the fact that you can still enjoy the beauty of nature. It’s about to be fully destroyed, especially as we have abused it terribly. You can’t keep thinking about how your efforts can help improve your resume or even make you a viable candidate for a local election. These are bonuses for doing the right thing, but they shouldn’t be the primary motivation.

Encourage others to do the same 

You can start with the right steps at home. Learn to segregate your trash and label your bins. Partner with Evergreen Junk Removal to collect your junk materials and ensure they get disposed of properly. Once you do the right thing at home, it’s easy for you to encourage others to do the same. You have to inspire others since collective efforts are more effective. You can’t let things stay the way they are, or shoulder the entire burden alone.

Start by raising awareness about the status quo. Make sure that when you help convince others about the same cause, it’s for the right reason. Don’t tell them that their efforts to save the environment will offer other benefits and make them look good.

It’s time that everyone acts sincerely in saving the environment since we only have very little time left. If we can’t reverse the damages done, it will be too late. Our children won’t enjoy a clean and green environment anymore. If you love your kids and you want them to enjoy what you do now, you owe it to them to take the right steps towards environmental protection.


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How a No Claim Bonus can give you a significant benefit in bike insurance renewal

If you use a bike or any other two-wheeler, or if you plan to purchase a new two-wheeler, then you must always remember to have an insurance policy. Any insurance for bike protects you from financial liabilities arising due to injuries or damages suffered by a third-party involving your bike. It can also provide coverage to you from the financial losses in the case of your bike being damaged because of natural or man-made calamities. The policy could also protect you from two-wheeler thefts. In a nutshell, a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy protects you and your bike from accidents, thefts and damages along with providing the statutory third-party cover.

Here, you must understand the difference between a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance and third-party insurance cover. While a third-party insurance for bike only protects you from third-party claims, a comprehensive policy provides you and your bike with a coverage against damages and thefts along with a personal accident cover for the rider in addition to the third-party coverage. You can also avail of several add-ons in the case of a comprehensive insurance policy. For instance, on Finserv MARKETS, you can consider an online insurance for two-wheelers with add-ons like 24X7 assistance, personal accident cover for the pillion rider and zero depreciation bike insurance cover.

You should also remember that while you can avail both single year and multi-year comprehensive insurance policies, the latter has an edge by providing benefits like protection from enhanced payment of premium due to annual cost revision cycle alongside the key benefit of No Claim Bonus.

Understanding No Claim Bonus (NCB): No Claim Bonus or NCB is a reward or discount offered by insurance companies for not making any claims in the preceding policy year. This is a reward/discount only on the own damage segment of the premium, and not for third-party claims. In case of traditional annual policies for insurance of bikes, you won’t get the benefit of NCB. But in the case of multi-year policies for insurance of bikes, there will be an incremental increase in the NCB each year. For example, in the case of Bajaj Allianz Two-wheeler Insurance, available on Finserv Markets, the NCB starts with 20% for the first year, increases to 25% for the second year, then 35% for the third year, and 45% for the fourth year; up to a maximum of 50% for five consecutive years.

Source: The Economic Times

What’s more, you can also transfer the NCB to a new vehicle in case of substitution of vehicle of the same class. This means even if you are purchasing a new vehicle, you can transfer your existing NCB, provided that the two-wheeler is of the same specifications or class.

NCB and its impact on bike insurance renewal: During bike insurance renewal, NCB can provide you with a key benefit in the form of discounts to the premium for own damage component. For example, suppose you had purchased a two-wheeler policy in 2018 for your new bike, and did not make any claims during the policy year. When the bike insurance policy comes up for renewal in 2019, you can claim a 20% discount on the premium for own damage component of the policy.

You are also allowed to claim NCB while switching to a different insurance company while bike insurance renewal. You need to provide the new insurer with last year’s policy document which mentions the NCB that you are eligible for. On Finserv MARKETS, you can transfer up to 50% of your existing NCB.

To claim benefits of NCB during bike insurance renewal, you must make a cost-benefit analysis while making claims for damage of your bike. As NCB reverts to zero even in the case of a small claim, you can forego smaller claims for minor damages. This will help you with the discount on subsequent year’s premium amount.

How to apply for online insurance for two wheelers?

If you want to avail insurance for bike, then you can easily apply for online insurance for two wheelers on Finserv MARKETS. Here are the steps involved:

  • Select your insurance for bike plan from the options of: comprehensive bike insurance or third-party insurance for bike.
  • Select the add-on covers
  • Fill in the application for and provide the details. Also upload the requisite documents online.
  • Choose the policy period and premium paying cycle.
  • Pay for the bike insurance online using your debit card, credit card, net banking or digital wallet.
  • Instantly receive a digital copy of your bike insurance.

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5 Tips for Attracting Qualified Candidates to Hire

Having a talented, reliable team is crucial in running a smooth, successful business. You need to have employees who are consistently productive and performing to the best of their abilities. More importantly, you have to be sure that you can depend on your staff to continue carrying out their responsibilities and to take on new ones even if you are not around.

Because of these reasons, it is vital that you find and hire only the most qualified candidates for your establishment.

Unfortunately, getting the most competent and experienced people to join your team can be quite challenging today. With numerous other companies looking to hire only top talent, you will face stiff competition in your goal of employing only the most qualified workers.

However, even if you face fierce competition, there are ways for you to get the interest of the most talented job seekers. A trusted provider of recruitment services in Dubai shares some useful tips below.

1.    Work with a job consultancy firm

If you want access to only the most qualified candidates in the soonest time possible, engage the services of a recruitment agency.

The best recruitment firms have a pool of pre-screened job seekers. Because of this, you will be sent applicants who already meet your requirements. As a result, you won’t have to screen and shortlist the candidates yourself since they have already gone through the stage previously.

In case you want to look at more applicants, your recruitment partner can do this for you as well. They will advertise your job openings, screen all candidates, and send you the most qualified ones for interviews. This way, you get to skip several time-consuming and costly steps yet still have a high chance of hiring the most suitable job seekers.

2.    Create detailed and interesting job posts

When promoting your job openings, start by making a job post that has all the information applicants would want to know about. Make sure it has all vital details such as the educational qualification, years of experience, and skills you require.

Your job post should also include other crucial information, such as the job responsibilities, working hours, salary range, and location. Try to be as specific as possible since this will help you eliminate applicants who are not a good fit.

However, make your post interesting and engaging as well. An easy way of doing this is to highlight the benefits and perks you offer. Ensure they are written in a way that will grab the attention of applicants.

3.    Utilize different recruitment channels

To attract top talent, do not limit your job ads to only a few recruitment channels. Make sure you promote your vacancy on several platforms, especially the more popular ones so that you can tap both active and passive talent.

This means actively promoting your opening on different job posting sites. Do the same in trusted career and professional networking platforms.

Use social media for advertising your job openings as well. You can promote your post for free on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other sites. Consider investing in a paid ad if you want more people to see it.

4.    Make the application process applicant-friendly

Nothing drives job seekers away faster than a time-consuming application process.

If you require applicants to fill out a lengthy application form, then upload their resume and other documents, you run the risk of driving away many of them. They will find the process repetitive and a waste of time.

To encourage candidates to apply for your job opening, make your application as simple as possible. Your form should only require applicants to provide information that you need and will use to decide if you want to move forward with them or not.

Additionally, make sure that the whole application process only takes five to ten minutes to complete. If not, you will have to tweak it a bit.

5.    Improve your website

Finally, you want job seekers to be interested in your company and excited about joining your team. One way to do this is to have an excellent website.

When applicants learn about your job ad, they will likely check your website to know more about your company. To encourage these candidates to proceed to the next stages of the application, make sure your site is eye-catching, informative, and impressive.

If you think your website is a bit outdated, update and improve it now. Add more attention-grabbing content, such as explainer videos and blog posts. Make sure the online job application process is current or simplified as well.

Additionally, ensure your job postings are highlighted, too. Make sure they are detailed, enticing, and engaging to get candidates excited to join your company.

Getting the most qualified candidates to join your team will require some work and investment. However, your efforts will be rewarded when you hire top talent since you will have more employees to help you reach your business goals.


David Mackenzie, a recruitment professional with over 20 years’ experience in the field and a record of entrepreneurial accomplishment, is Managing Director and Head of HR at Mackenzie Jones. As the Group MD, David is responsible for the overall direction of the Mackenzie Jones Group, including Mackenzie Jones, MumsAtWork, MENA Solutions, Simply Digital and ThinkTech.

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