Discover The Power Of Gemba Walks For Your Business

Businesses must improve with time, and while on-paper policies, practices can be tweaked as required, it is often more important to keep an eye on the actual work flow. Observing work processes and finding ways and means for better productivity is exactly what a Gemba Walk is all about. Gemba, in Japanese, means the ‘real place’, and during a Gemba Walk, managers move out of their offices and head to the actual workplace to observe processes. In this post, we are discussing top aspects that matter for Gemba Walk.

Is Gemba Walk same as MBWA?

Both MBWA and Gemba Walk may seem the same, but there are considerable differences. MBWA, or Management By Walking Around, is an exercise where managers go to the workplace and check the work flow and offer suggestions. MBWA is not an effective exercise as many may believe, because random wandering at the workplace doesn’t really mean anything. Gemba Walk, on the other hand, is a more systematic process. In this case, managers go for a walk and keep an eye on all the relevant aspects, but there is no instruction or corrective steps involved. The idea is to find more information on work flow and each step in the process.

Conducting successful Gemba Walks

It is easy to find Gemba Walk checklists, which simplifies the process, but what also matters is how the exercise is being done and the way things are noted. This is also where an app like Tervene can be really useful. A Gemba Walk app allows managers to keep a close tab on all the relevant aspects, add text, videos, pictures to gather information, and collect data that can be used later. The success of a Gemba Walk is also dependent on how proactive the employees are, for which it is necessary that everyone knows the purpose and need for the exercise. Everyone should be encouraged to answer questions and offer insights, without any consequences.

For the future

Gemba Walk is not a onetime exercise. For making the most of the process, it is necessary to conduct Gemba Walks regularly. Using an app is only going to systemize the entire work, and there are additional resources online that can come in handy. Most importantly, managers need to understand that this process important for the organization, and their participation is going to matter, especially when they listen better and give workers the due respect. Check online now to find more on Gemba Walk apps and more.

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