Mistakes to be Avoided While Preparing for ICSE Board Exams

Students preparing for the board exams have a valid reason to be scared of the questions that would be asked in the exam. They must write the exams in an unfamiliar exam centre which makes it more crucial for them. The main fact is that they have to cover a year’s syllabus in each subject which is not an easy task. They should not make the problems more complicated as many of their seniors did.

Students are advised to refer to the solutions which are available in the current education market based on their needs. ML Aggarwal Solutions for Class 9 Maths are present in PDF format which can be downloaded by the students and referred to while solving the textbook problems. Solutions are also available for various subjects to help students in understanding the topics in a shorter duration.

Here are some of the mistakes which should be avoided while preparing for the ICSE board exams.

  1. No proper time table

When the exams are lined up in 30 days, students will face starting trouble in revising the subjects. If there is no proper time table maintained for all the subjects, students might keep jumping from one subject to another due to panic. Some of the students find it difficult in focusing on the important topics and waste their time on complex subjects ignoring others.

  1. Studying only notes taken during class hours

Preparing for exams is not as equal to the board exam preparation. During class hours, teachers would have skipped some of the important topics which are necessary from the exam point of view. Since there is inadequate time for class lectures, teachers will not be able to concentrate on all the topics which are required to score well in the exams.

  1. Overconfidence

Students cannot study merely a few weeks before the board exams. This would have worked in the previous classes but will not work in board exam preparation. The marks scored in the board exams will help students in shaping their future. So board exam preparation must be done throughout the year and not a few days before the exams.

  1. Studying continuously

Another mistake which is done by most of the students is studying continuously without sufficient breaks. In previous years, toppers have spent only 8 to 10 hours on daily basis with breaks in between for relaxing. With prolonged studies, the human mind can reach a saturation point above which the concepts studied are of no use.

  1. Retaining concepts for last moment

Many students study the important points a few days before the exam as they might forget it due to stress. It is a monumental blunder and increases the confusion between the concepts learnt in the previous days. So regular studies and revision is important in understanding the subject more easily.

Students must avoid these mistakes in order to score well in the exams. It will not only improve their interest in the subject but also boosts their academic performance. Students can make use of ML Aggarwal Solutions for Class 7 Maths PDF while solving the textbook problems to understand the complex topics effortlessly.

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