The United States and Thailand Have Become Leaders In Booking Hotels For Cryptocurrency

The blockchain platform for booking hotels, Travala, on July 10th published the results of the previous month. As per the reports, in Thailand and USA housing is more frequently booking by using the cryptocurrency.

As per the information was given by Travala, the previous month the home reservation for cryptocurrency took place in the United States and Thailand. There was 701 numbers of reserved rooms for crypto-assets which is 17.4% more as compared to the month of May. The standard room rate per night in the dollar is equal to $ 147.

In June, 22% of all bookings were made on the AVA native token. 20% ahead of BTC, this makes it the most favored crypto-payment alternative. There were 294 294 people as participants in the SMART-program which is 18.5% more as compared to the month of May. As per the rating, most of the hotels were booked in the United States and Thailand. They are followed by Australia, Italy, Germany, Singapore, Canada and Spain. 

Thailand and the United States are leading in booking hotels for cryptocurrency. A discount of 27% discount was offered on rental housing in Berlin for contestants of the blockchain forum.

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