SEO Trends 2021

Digital marketing has truly proven its worth over the last 12 months and has been crucial to many businesses navigating the turbulent year of 2020. In particular, there has been a renewed focus on SEO from many businesses, as many were forced to take stock of their online operations.

This increase in attention in relation to search engine optimisation, has made many companies change things and advance. In terms of SEO for 2021 there have already been key trends emerging, which will be important for any business operating online.

Nailing That User Experience

For a long time, many businesses didn’t completely commit when an SEO agency told them to focus on user experience on their websites. The last 12 months however has certainly shone a light on just how critical UX really is. With so much competition online customers don’t have the time to spend on sites with slow page loading, confusing navigation or poor calls to action. This year we will see a much bigger focus on the quality of website design and function, both of which play a large role in SEO performance.

Higher Focus on Content Creation

Many companies went through a period of time whereby they would look for tricks or hacks to improve their SEO performance. The reality however is that the foundation of great optimisation is in content, and that will never change. Ultimately search engines are looking to deliver the perfect result for the consumer. Whilst there may be extra factors involved in how the algorithm works, high quality, useful and original content will always be one of the most critical factors.

Harder Push on Influencer SEO

Some influencers have millions of followers and if businesses can connect with these influencers it could seriously support their ability to optimise for search engines. For a great SEO agency, Melbourne is the place to look and they have been leading the charge with influencers. Influencers don’t just present companies and agencies with an opportunity to boost business, they can deliver exceptionally high ROI too. The key to success here is choosing the right influencer, in the right sector. But keep in mind followers don’t necessarily equate directly to success.

The Boom of Voice Search

Many in marketing have been predicting the boom of voice search and this is happening right now. In fact, approximately 27% of the global population is using voice search on their cellphones. What is more interesting about these searches is that they are highly detailed and long-tail. This is an area which is going to trend hard in 2021. Businesses would do well to position themselves with a heavy focus on voice search optimisation as it continues to grow and evolve. Finally, expect to see a much bigger push on keyword research this year, especially in regards to long-tail keywords.

However, no business can build a strong SEO performance overnight. To ensure your business performs well on search engines, you need to make sure that your website is consistently monitored and improved to ensure the best possible performance and grow your SEO ranking.

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