YouTuber or YouTube content creator has become one of the most profitable careers that the digital world could give. Through uploading different content of videos on YouTube, these people can earn depending on how many views or likes they can get. Each view has a corresponding amount in dollar so the more views you acquire the more monies you get. That is why there are a lot of YouTubers who want to become successful but would fail because they only have less viewers and subscribers. Thus, they will use other platforms like social media in order to attract people to watch their videos and make them subscribe to their YouTube channel. This, however, can be exhausting since you can’t force someone to watch your videos therefore a lot of reliable sites like Famoid  are offering services for automatic views and likes in which you can buy real YouTube views. Prices may vary depending on the numbers of views, likes, or subscribers you want.

One hassle for YouTubers is the lack of knowledge for contents that might catch people’s attention. Your fame would really depend on how unique or useful your content is that is why before starting up a channel, you must be aware first on which genre would you really prefer doing. So below are the top types of videos that are in demand for most viewers nowadays:

  • Vlog is one of the most famous types of YouTube videos that has been making a scene because of its authentic format. Some include make up vlogs, ASMR, travel, fitness, etc.
  • Challenge videos are also trends on social media in which it incorporates its fame to YouTube as well since it is one of the most searched videos online.
  • Educational videos really have been one of the best contributions to people’s life because it can help a lot of people in gathering more knowledge other than what they’ve learned in school.
  • Gaming and sports videos are really in demand for gamers and sports enthusiasts out there. Whether physical or electronic sports, you can have a wide-range of choices in which is your pick.
  • Product review videos have always been paramount to viewers who would want to check first if that product is worth the price or not. It will ensure buyers with the quality of products before purchasing and using them.
  • Tutorial videos also are not only on the trend but as well as very helpful to every viewer who needs it. It has both the perfect combination of utility and education which might differ on the type of tutorial you are into.
  • Comedy or skit videos are always viral since everyone wants to just laugh and have some fun. Entertainment has mainly the purpose of YouTube that is why these videos are one of the best.
  • Other than comedy or skit videos, parody and prank videos are also great source of entertainment since both are on the mainstream lately. People would love to see more versions of a movie or songs which might have different impact compared to the original one. Prank videos would however feature some practical jokes for family, friends, or even the public.

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