This Is The Most Visited Website In The World – No, It’s Not Google!

Did you know that Google is no longer the most visited website today?

Well, it might come as a surprise, but currently, the world is totally fascinated with TikTok!

In 2021, TikTok was the 7th most visited website, lagging far behind the topper i.e. Google. But suddenly, tables turned and TikTok overtook Google to grab the number one position. And the addictive nature of TikTok keeps attracting more and more visitors to its website every year.

Why is TikTok so popular?

TikTok is an ideal platform for sharing short videos effortlessly with a large audience. The website has made several influencers with a massive follower count and fan base. With the introduction of TikTok, marketing and spreading information became a lot easier. It can potentially spread the information to the target audience in a very brief period; this factor has helped a lot of small businesses establish and grow. TikTok is a highly influential platform and keeps its users engaged with TikTok challenges, because of which it has is now among the most visited websites. The popularity of TikTok is mostly among the surgical millennial and Gen Z, who contributes to 42 percent of the US population.

No wonder brands rely on TikTok videos and influencers to familiarise their products and services to people. In the coming years, TikTok is expected to take a huge leap in the future with more updated features like the social shopping feature.

TikTok came to light in 2016, which immediately experienced a rapid froth and popularity. The app was built for sharing videos and was nowhere near Google. At the initial period of TikTok’s growth, it was considered the fastest growing website globally. Apart from the addictive and engaging nature of this website, TikTok managed to get the attention and popularity of Gen Z, which laid the foundation for their success. It slowly grew as a famous marketing tool among brands and influencers. Because of all these powerful reasons, this Chinese company surpassed Google and was crowned as the number one most visited website. TikTok might appear as a confusing platform for those who are new to the website. Not everyone can become a TikTok star or an influencer on the platform. Still, with the variety of entertainment topics like music, dance, fitness, skincare, makeup, and more, TikTok emerged as the current ruler.

Not everything about TikTok is impressive. In the year 2020, the app was the major platform form where people targeted former US President Donald Trump’s ire. In the same year, TikTok was accused as a national threat as the app gathered the personal information of every user. Because of the reasons mentioned above, the US army and navy banned the app and were asked not to install TikTok on any government-issued devices. In addition, the former president threatened to issue an executive order to take down the app in the United States. Surprisingly, all these made the app incredibly popular among people.

A private account on TikTok is considered safer than a public account as anybody can access your videos, send you direct messages and even use your location. However, every social media comes with risks; therefore, ensure not to share personal information with anybody on the app. Currently, 40 percent of the people using TikTok are from outside China. The user base of TikTok in the united states exceeds beyond 14 million. In China, TikTok has a different name, Douyin, and in the rest of the world, the name is TikTok.

TikTok is available in around 150 countries. Every month, TikTok receives 23.2 million new visitors to their app on average. Studies found that an average individual spends 53.2 minutes every day on TikTok, and people from the 10-19 age group use these apps extensively. The company targets an audience under the age group of 16-24. Every day a user opens the app at least eight times, and 83% of the daily users have posted a video. In the united states alone, the monthly user count is 80 million, and the app has been downloaded 200 million times by the users. 60% of users are female, and the rest, 40%, are male.

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